Long Live Kayaking

Kayaking is one of the true extreme sports that will be long-lived in history. This sport has proven to test a person’s nerves, whole body and mental stamina. A challenging experience that undoubtedly flushes out the women and men from among the boys and girls. If a person does not know what they are doing, they may find themselves literally up or down the creek without a paddle.

Not all sporting kayaks are built using the same design. Many years ago animal skins were used to cover hand fashioned frames made of wood. They served the hunters and gatherers of those times very well. We have come a long way since then by advancing from only being able to seat one person.

– The majority of kayaks are fashioned in a manner that require people to sit inside of them with the upper sections of the body exposed. But there are ones designed for use on smoother water surfaces such as is found in lakes. The flat indentation is designed on top for sitting above instead of partially inside the unit.

– The easy gliding sea kayaks are a stretch of luxury due to their thin and extra long design.

– Challenging the rough and rugged rapids requires maneuverability and easy recovery from rolling and flipping upside down. Manufacturers accommodate these daring kayakers by producing short and sturdy units that can withstand the harsh demand put on them throughout every twist and turn.

No matter what your kayaking style may be, we wish you the best and safest adventure possible. Take the time to check all of your equipment thoroughly because when you hit the water, the challenge begins between you and nature. Our hopes are that you will win by making it back to shore safely. Have fun.

Looking Into Stingray City and Bioluminescence Tours And Prices

My husband and I have been talking about what we want to do next year for our vacation. This year we didn’t go on vacation because we had some other bills and things to take care of that were first priority. Since we didn’t go anywhere this year, we are going to go ahead and figure out what we are doing next year.


We talked to a few of our friends that went on a cruise a few years ago. They said it was a great experience and we should go with them next time they go. It just so happens they are going next year when we will be able to go. They said the last time they went they were able to stop at different locations and one of the places they stopped had Stingray City tours. They said it was a great place to stop and take a tour and they had a great time. We were looking at George’s Watersports who are a Cayman based company; their reviews on TripAdviosr were very good so we thought it would turn out well, but we are still looking just incase we find something better; I have included their website below: https://georgeswatersports.ky/stingray-city-grand-cayman/


Before we make arrangements for a cruise we wanted to look at other travel deals that were available. We have been looking into Cayman Island vacation packages that include Stingray City tours. We know that we want to visit here, but we aren’t sure if we want to do it on a cruise or go there for the entire vacation. We still have a little time left before we have to make a choice and I think we may choose the cruise option. But no matter what we choose I want to go to Stingray City tours and see what there is. I would love a tour of the city and maybe even to snorkel while I am there with the stingrays My husband says he would do it too if that’s where we choose to go.

GW’s also does Grand Cayman bioluminescent bay tour which are operating about 2 weeks every month. We are definately doing this tour as soon as possible!

The Best Places To Go When Snorkeling In Grand Cayman

Snorkeling is one of the most popular activities in the Caribbean, particularly the Grand Cayman island.  Due to its sparkling blue oceans with fascinating ocean wildlife, the Cayman Islands are ideal for individuals of all ages to snorkel with the sea creatures.  Of course, as popularity increases the amount of people scheduling sessions grows; therefore, it is always useful to know about different sites that can be attended.  This article will act as a guide to the various sites and the best sites where one can enjoy snorkeling in Grand Cayman.


1. The Turtle Farm


Located in the West Bay of Grand Cayman, Turtle Farm is a simple snorkeling destination where boats are readily available for excursions.  The average depth of the water is between 20 and 40 feet with a mini-wall located 20 yards from the water edge.  An exciting site, Turtle Farm presents with two separate entrances and the most common creatures seen are sea sponges and parrot fish.


2. The Beach Bay


The Beach Bay is a beautiful site located near Grand Cayman’s Bodden Town.  It is one of the more complicated snorkeling sites and is best attended by those who have experience and their own equipment.  The average depth of water here can range from as little as 5 feet to as much as 40 feet; however, it is important to note that there are no marker buoys and experience is useful here.  The most intriguing aspect of Beach Bay is the small cove located near the shore at Pedro’s Bluff where visitors can view an island coral reef. 


3. Devils Grotto And Eden Rock


One of the more popular snorkeling sites, the Devils Grotto and Eden Rock are located on the outer part of George Town.  Unlike Beach Bay where one is required to bring their own equipment, it is possible to rent snorkeling equipment at Devils Grotto and Eden Rock for visitors of all ages.  A simple and easy to navigate area, many tourists can view the most stunning reef in the Caribbean while also having the option to feed fish directly.  This is arguably the best site for snorkeling in Grand Cayman with children.

A Beginner’s Guide On How To Snorkel

One of the various reasons why people choose to snorkel is because it can be highly relaxing.  The idea of floating in water while surrounded by beautiful underwater scenery is enough to escape the stressful challenges we face on an everyday basis.  While snorkeling can be calming and quite simple a task, it does require some knowledge to ensure you do not harm yourself.  This article will act as a brief guide on how to snorkel the correct way.


The first fact to remember is that you must remain calm when snorkeling.  Irrespective of whether you are snorkeling in a small pool or heading off to a coral reef, it is essential to remain calm in order to maximize the enjoyment of the sport.  Patience is important as you may feel the need to speed up when snorkeling but staying relaxed will remove the chance of breathlessness, cramps or fatigue.


Snorkeling can be likened to scuba diving in that you are underwater viewing the ocean around you.  The difference is that scuba divers require an oxygen tank to be attached to their breathing tube; whereas, snorkeling does not attach an oxygen tank and a easy-to-use snorkel is utilized to help breathe underwater.  It may be slightly unnerving to breathe through a tube; however, this will become easier after a few tries.  It is recommended that you test the snorkel in shallow waters before heading further out.


When learning how to snorkel, you will soon find the experience of keeping your head above water quite tired.  The fantastic thing about snorkeling is that the snorkel allows you to continue breathing while lying motionless on the water surface with your face down.  This is a resting position and is a great way to begin snorkeling as it conserves energy and builds confidence using a snorkel.

How To Find The Best Cayman Bioluminescence Tour

If you are traveling to the Cayman Islands, chances are you have heard about the glowing bay. This Bioluminescent Bay is a magical and unique experience that you must see while you are there. There are many tours out there that you can take, but here you will find out how to choose the best Cayman Bioluminescence tour.
Search on the Internet for Bioluminescent tours that are available. You will get several results for different places that have tours. You should be able to see the price on their website and if they have package deals available. Before you choose the one you want to go on and make reservations for it, you should look for reviews online.

You can find more information from tourists that have went on these tours on Trip Advisor. This website has lots of information that will be useful to you including how their trip went and which company they took a tour with. Look over their reviews and see what they have to say so you can have the best experience while you are there. You may also be able to find discounts and travel deals for the Cayman Islands on this website. Look it over to see what you can find before you schedule tours or even book your trip to the Cayman Islands.
There’s no doubt about it, if you are visiting the Cayman Islands, you must see the Bioluminescent Bay. It is a unique experience that many people don’t get to have in their lifetime. Now that you know where to look to get the most and best information on which tour to take, you can plan your outing today. Don’t wait and start looking for the best Cayman Bioluminescence tour you can find.