A Beginner’s Guide On How To Snorkel

One of the various reasons why people choose to snorkel is because it can be highly relaxing.  The idea of floating in water while surrounded by beautiful underwater scenery is enough to escape the stressful challenges we face on an everyday basis.  While snorkeling can be calming and quite simple a task, it does require some knowledge to ensure you do not harm yourself.  This article will act as a brief guide on how to snorkel the correct way.


The first fact to remember is that you must remain calm when snorkeling.  Irrespective of whether you are snorkeling in a small pool or heading off to a coral reef, it is essential to remain calm in order to maximize the enjoyment of the sport.  Patience is important as you may feel the need to speed up when snorkeling but staying relaxed will remove the chance of breathlessness, cramps or fatigue.


Snorkeling can be likened to scuba diving in that you are underwater viewing the ocean around you.  The difference is that scuba divers require an oxygen tank to be attached to their breathing tube; whereas, snorkeling does not attach an oxygen tank and a easy-to-use snorkel is utilized to help breathe underwater.  It may be slightly unnerving to breathe through a tube; however, this will become easier after a few tries.  It is recommended that you test the snorkel in shallow waters before heading further out.


When learning how to snorkel, you will soon find the experience of keeping your head above water quite tired.  The fantastic thing about snorkeling is that the snorkel allows you to continue breathing while lying motionless on the water surface with your face down.  This is a resting position and is a great way to begin snorkeling as it conserves energy and builds confidence using a snorkel.

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