Looking Into Stingray City and Bioluminescence Tours And Prices

My husband and I have been talking about what we want to do next year for our vacation. This year we didn’t go on vacation because we had some other bills and things to take care of that were first priority. Since we didn’t go anywhere this year, we are going to go ahead and figure out what we are doing next year.


We talked to a few of our friends that went on a cruise a few years ago. They said it was a great experience and we should go with them next time they go. It just so happens they are going next year when we will be able to go. They said the last time they went they were able to stop at different locations and one of the places they stopped had Stingray City tours. They said it was a great place to stop and take a tour and they had a great time. We were looking at George’s Watersports who are a Cayman based company; their reviews on TripAdviosr were very good so we thought it would turn out well, but we are still looking just incase we find something better; I have included their website below: https://georgeswatersports.ky/stingray-city-grand-cayman/


Before we make arrangements for a cruise we wanted to look at other travel deals that were available. We have been looking into Cayman Island vacation packages that include Stingray City tours. We know that we want to visit here, but we aren’t sure if we want to do it on a cruise or go there for the entire vacation. We still have a little time left before we have to make a choice and I think we may choose the cruise option. But no matter what we choose I want to go to Stingray City tours and see what there is. I would love a tour of the city and maybe even to snorkel while I am there with the stingrays My husband says he would do it too if that’s where we choose to go.

GW’s also does Grand Cayman bioluminescent bay tour which are operating about 2 weeks every month. We are definately doing this tour as soon as possible!

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