The Best Places To Go When Snorkeling In Grand Cayman

Snorkeling is one of the most popular activities in the Caribbean, particularly the Grand Cayman island.  Due to its sparkling blue oceans with fascinating ocean wildlife, the Cayman Islands are ideal for individuals of all ages to snorkel with the sea creatures.  Of course, as popularity increases the amount of people scheduling sessions grows; therefore, it is always useful to know about different sites that can be attended.  This article will act as a guide to the various sites and the best sites where one can enjoy snorkeling in Grand Cayman.


1. The Turtle Farm


Located in the West Bay of Grand Cayman, Turtle Farm is a simple snorkeling destination where boats are readily available for excursions.  The average depth of the water is between 20 and 40 feet with a mini-wall located 20 yards from the water edge.  An exciting site, Turtle Farm presents with two separate entrances and the most common creatures seen are sea sponges and parrot fish.


2. The Beach Bay


The Beach Bay is a beautiful site located near Grand Cayman’s Bodden Town.  It is one of the more complicated snorkeling sites and is best attended by those who have experience and their own equipment.  The average depth of water here can range from as little as 5 feet to as much as 40 feet; however, it is important to note that there are no marker buoys and experience is useful here.  The most intriguing aspect of Beach Bay is the small cove located near the shore at Pedro’s Bluff where visitors can view an island coral reef. 


3. Devils Grotto And Eden Rock


One of the more popular snorkeling sites, the Devils Grotto and Eden Rock are located on the outer part of George Town.  Unlike Beach Bay where one is required to bring their own equipment, it is possible to rent snorkeling equipment at Devils Grotto and Eden Rock for visitors of all ages.  A simple and easy to navigate area, many tourists can view the most stunning reef in the Caribbean while also having the option to feed fish directly.  This is arguably the best site for snorkeling in Grand Cayman with children.

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